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Welcome to our store here at Brickowl.
We are totally mad about LEGO and we play and build things every day, so the parts in our shop is our complete personal stock. We uploaded it for the reason that we could find a part if we need it for an own special building project. Because we bought and discovered a lot at different stores by our own, we want to share our stock with other LEGO-fans.
In general the parts are used....that means, we bought them on ebay, we found them in toy boxes, from attics, in cellars, they could be dusty, they could have playmarks or light scratches, they were loved! So we label the parts normally as "used (acceptable)", they might be better, they might be worse, but usually we write it to the description if there's something with the parts. 
Sets are always checked twice with the inventory list in all conscience. Mostly they have no instruction or original box, stickers might be lost. You could find the building instructions here at Brickowl.com, at LEGO website or Brickfactory.info for example.
For our shipping conditions see the link below or make a request.
Mirja & Micha 


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